Best VPN to Use in Singapore

Using a VPN is a must these days.
Specially in countries like Singapore where the Government is famous for strict surveillance and spying of it’s citizens.
We know, the Article says the Best VPN in Singapore. However, the term best is a very subjective term, there are many factors involved for deciding what’s best and they can vary from person to person.

If you don’t have any budget constraints and are looking to buy the Absolute best VPN to use in Singapore, We recommend the following :-

In simple terms, the best VPN depends on your particular use case and what’s your top most priority in terms of features. 

If You are still Reading, then we think you’d like to read about some technical stuff to help you determine which is the best VPN to use. After all you are trusting your privacy with a VPN app.

Important Features a VPN should have :-

1) Automatic Kill Switch

Automatic Kill Switch refers to a feature wherein in case your your VPN connection is accidentally dropped, Your device or the apps you select will be blocked from accessing the internet and hence protecting your valuable data.

2) Strict No Log Policy

This is the most, we repeat most important feature to check for in a VPN software.
Inferior VPNs tend to log your browsing experience, which they can potentially sell to marketing companies or to government agencies and thus posing a great threat to your private data

3) DNS Leak Protection

This is something very technical. But in short, if you open any website on the internet there are a lot of background processes that go into play to make sure you are delivered the wanted content. Inferior quality VPN’s don’t cover all these processes and hence aren’t offering full protection to your valuable data.

4) Number of Servers

We are sure the last thing you want while browsing internet is a slow paced internet.
The only thing worse than not having internet is having a slow internet.
The speed at which you can securely access Internet using a VPN depends on the number of Servers the VPN service has.
Greater the number of servers better it is.

5) Location of Servers

Once you have determined the number of servers, the next important thing is to ascertain where are these servers located.
If the servers are concentrated in just 1 country then such a VPN service will not be able to provide fast secure internet globally.
More the the locations, better it is.

6) Number of Suported devices

Imagine you buy a VPN service and later realized that your VPN only works on Laptops.
Effectively meaning whatever you browse on mobile devices can’t be kept secure.
That’s why it’s important to check how many devices the VPN service supports.
Greater the number of devices, better it is.

7) Preference to Streaming

Streaming online content is one of the most common reason people buy VPN service.
However, unfortunately, inferior quality VPNs tend to throttle their speed when they see user is streaming content. This leads to a very poor content viewing experience.

8) Data limits

Imagine getting a VPN which restricts your usage depending on the quantum of data you use.
Sometimes inferior VPNs stop securing your privacy when you reach a predefined data usage, leading your valuable information vulnerable.

Our recommendation :-

Based on all the above mentioned factors, we would like to recommend the following VPN service.
This VPN service has been handpicked by our technical staff based on its performance and support quality.

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